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Forgot Gmail Password – How to Reset Gmail Account is a part of Google accounts which everyone seems to have these days. Whether you use it for personal or professional use, the gmail account has become essential for all internet savvy individuals. Along with the account useage comes the use of passwords to secure your personal account as it is where you recieve… Read More »

How to Merge Gmail Accounts – Multiple Account in One

I have been creating different Gmail accounts for different purposes. literally two accounts active right One for study purposes that is given to my classmates, another for business purposes which I provide in my blogs and other relative stuffs. Initially, I thought it would be cool with that, but now, as my day gets busier… Read More »

How to Change Gmail Background Themes/Images

Gmail is the most accepted Web-based medium that provides services to exchange e-mails between individuals around the globe. Over a decade, has been proving its best service, enhancing new useful features, and improving itself to assure the best user-experience. Gmail, however, failed to impress many users in just a simple factor. That is, its… Read More »